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Jekyll & Hide launches on TikTok - Powered by Arora Online

Revered South African leather goods company, Jekyll and Hide, is known for authentically-crafted, high-quality products that provide long-lasting value to customers. The timeless luxury of the brand has ensured its longevity.
Jekyll & Hide launches on TikTok - Powered by Arora Online

One thing that’s not long-lasting, however, is the way that social media functions.

The social media landscape has shifted so that audiences are increasingly looking for content that has tangible value for them, whether it’s informative, educational or entertaining.

Recognising this shift, and the increasingly powerful role that TikTok plays, Jekyll and Hide enlisted social media experts Arora Online to launch their TikTok account in a way that would add value and deliver results.

And results were delivered! In just three months, the Jekyll and Hide TikTok account has over 5 000 followers, with over 5.6k likes on content. In the first two months since the launch, the brand’s TikTok content racked up over 1 million impressions and over 14k clicks, driving brand awareness and website traffic.

These impressive stats are not just luck: they’re thanks to the strategic creativity of the team at Arora Online.

So what’s the secret sauce?

The team are TikTok natives, having grown up with the platform since its infancy.

They understand how TikTok trends work and how these can be leveraged to maximise reach and engagement.

Next, the team knows how to turn these ideas into content, working with top videographers and photographers to create content that’s right for TikTok: eye-catching and cool, but not overly produced.

Just like Jekyll and Hide, TikTok is all about authenticity.

While we’re on the topic of authenticity, it must be remembered that the voices that ring true for most TikTokkers are those of the influencers they trust.

In order to introduce Jekyll and Hide to the TikTok audience, Arora Online carefully selects influencers who align with the brand’s values, and can therefore speak authentically to their love for its products.

Successful collaborations so far have included actress and author Leandie du Randt, digital creator Gloria Ngcobo, and much-loved couple The Benekes.

Jekyll & Hide launches on TikTok - Powered by Arora Online

Jekyll and Hide’s general manager, Thomas Sorensen, shared his thoughts on his experience of partnering with Arora Online: "The Arora Online team has thoroughly impressed us with their expertise, ideas, and all round flexibility. In addition, they have delivered content that looks effortless and has exceeded our expectations. They have surprised us and tugged at our team’s heart strings as we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing them bringing our brand vision to life in videos that have been cute, charming, and emotional. Importantly, we have felt completely safe with Arora Online as we entered this unchartered territory."

To round it all off, the Arora Online team has a deep understanding of how to get the most out of one’s paid media, ensuring that brands don’t have to rely purely on paid reach and ads. Ongoing data analysis guides the iterative strategy, so that learnings inform execution.

Jekyll & Hide launches on TikTok - Powered by Arora Online

If you’re looking to grow your business through TikTok, influencer marketing or social media, reach out to Arora Online: moc.asenilnoarora@ofni

Visit Arora Online to read more about our work and how we can help light your digital path with our strategic creativity.

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